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March 29, 2008
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  • bogor mah dah de best deeeehhh…


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  • BoGoR is My LuVly City
    gw LaHir di BoGoR….
    walopun skarang daH ga di boGoR,
    tapi tetep cinTa boGoR…
    Jangan Rusak KoTa BoGorkuW yaahh….
    BogorkuW, Bogor Qta smwaH,hehe kayaK iKLan…
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-28 03:52:27″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 6:52 pm
  • KOtA BOGor emang KOta YG TAK AKAN terlupakn…
    I AM always to remain N KEEp my CITY…
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 22:33:21″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 1:33 pm
  • NeW YeaRS eVe iS LiKe THe BiG FiNaLe FoR THe YeaR..
    eVeRYoNe SaYS THat You SHouLD Be WiTH
    THe PeoPLe You LoVe oN NeW YeaRS..
    aND THaT THe WaY You SPeND NeW YeaRS
    iS THe WaY You SPeND THe ReST oF THe YeaR..

    HaPPY NeW YeaR 2008


RoCk It s
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 21:57:47″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 12:57 pm
  • hdup dan mti gw……
    hanya di bgor!!!!
    I LUV bogor……….
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 20:46:45″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 11:46 am
  • i luph bogor ..
    maii luphly city ..
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 20:37:15″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 11:37 am
  • aSs,,,,,
    PunTen bAde NgiRiNgan aH…..
    abdI tEh wArGi bOgOr….aNu dEuDeuh PisAn kA koTa bgor,ciNta dAmai LAh kA bOgoR……
    PoKonA mAh…
    i Luv bOgOr Lah…..
    mUacH bOgOr PoKoNa mAh……..
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 20:35:03″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 11:35 am
  • nye magu zabit a bagore

    lublu bogor!
    bogor sarang hae!

document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 20:27:02″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 11:27 am
  • neh pic wktu w n kwan” hangout d mancur….!!!

t i g a
document.write(fMakeDate(“2007-12-27 20:03:56″,”-8″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));12/28/2007 11:03 am
  • aii Luf bogor

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